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Diatonic Visuals craft remarkable audio experiences tailored to provoke exact emotional responses in our viewers. Our team's renowned expertise and multi-faceted approach draw on knowledge of imaging, mixing, and mastering for unbeatable production quality.

Film Production

Field recordings take the audio production out of the studio and into reality where the goal is to capture on site sounds to further enhance your audio production.

Field Recording

Woman Working at Mixing Console

Arrangement is the art of  carefully assembling a song's instrumentation. It's an essential ingredient for any musical composition, as it gives each piece character and depth.


Recording Music

From creating cinematic scores to crisp sound effects, recording in a professional studio provides an ideal environment for capturing audio of any kind.

Studio Recording

Image by Techivation

Mastering is the essential process of perfecting a song for maximum audio impact. It ensures that each individual track balances nicely with its counterparts, and can be heard clearly in any playback system or medium it's released on.


Sound Equipment

Through adjustments of levels and audio effects we are able to deliver a final audio product that will emotionally impact your consumer.


Electronic Drum Set

Audio imaging is the manipulation of sound within a space to give direction and spacial reference to your final composition allowing your consumer an experience they'll never forget.

SFX & Imaging

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